Maternity EMF Protection – EMF Shielding During Pregnancy

EMFs during Pregnancy

One of the most important times to reduce EMF pollution is during and shortly after pregnancy. The following are things that I recommend for this time.

The first thing I recommend is that every expecting mother begin to reduce her exposure to EMF pollution. Perhaps when pregnant you should consider limiting the use on a cell phone, some deep sense of dissonance, much like if she were smoking a cigarette. Now we have more reason to feel this way.


What to do? What if you’re not ready to break up with your tech?

  • Charge laptops, then use them unplugged, and at a desk
  • Turn wifi off at night and sleep with cell phones in airplane mode or across the room
  • Speak on an airtube headset or speaker phone if you are using your cell
  • Don’t move around the world with your device on your body
  • Take time to unplug. Try a silent meditation where you simply sit or walk in nature for an hour (or more!), with your phone off or at home
  • Consider earthing to counteract EMFs and normalize electrophysiology in the way that we did pre-shoes and pre-tech
  • Reconsider the necessity and seeming benefit of home gadgets from baby monitors to wearable tech.

For even more practical interventions, head over to Fearlessparent, and do what you can to protect your incredible electrical body.

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